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“Veni, vidi, Deus vicit” “I came, I saw, God conquered”
After winning the ‘Battle of Vienna’ King of Poland, Jan III Sobieski paraphrased the Julius Cesar’s famous quotation while at Kahlenberg where decisive battle on September 12, 1683 took place. This was a turning point in European history. The Pope granted Sobieski the title of “Defender of the Faith” and the Austrians, in his honour, erected a church atop the Kahlenberg hill.

Stefan, Markus (owner of Cafe Garage) and always hungry Jacek

Danube River, Austria (total length 2,780 KM)

Ride to the top of Mount Kahlenberg (484 metres) was monotonous, but steady. The steep incline tapered off closer to the top. The view of Vienna (slightly hazy) was stunning. The coffee and a slice of strawberry cake made my ride worth it. The St. Joseph church reenforced the importance of the victory from 335 years ago. Some say, that Kahlenberg is to Austrians what Hastings to Britts. 
Coming down off the mountain was fairly tricky. The cobalt stone didn’t make my descent any easier. Finally, I arrived to Grinzing in a suburbs of Vienna. Here I stopped for a ‘quick’ coffee and to recharge the iPhone battery. The Café Garage was my choice, the cozy and friendly place ran by Markus and his mother, a very sweet lady. Markus was genuinely interested in my cycling adventure and whenever his regular customers showed up he shared my story with them. At the end he offered me a gratis breakfast, another coffee, soft boiled an egg and prepared a delicious fresh juice from an apple, orange and a carrot. Oh my, was this ever good… An hour later his buddy Stefan showed up asking many questions about my journey and sharing his mountain biking stories with me. At the end a ‘quick’ stop to recharge my phone turned to be nearly two hour chatting ‘session.’
THANK YOU Marcus for an incredible conversation and your generosity! 
Forty five minutes later I claimed Vienna as my 15 capital. It was 32C…and no single cloud. It felt good to check mark another capital.
  • Krystof for your tips on Danube river dam crossing.
  • many thanks to a nameless couple from Australia who shared with me their cycling guide Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna. Wish you a safe journey to Zurich.
  • Many thanks to Tomek who granted me his flat for two nights. THANK YOU my friend!

The St.Josepth Church at Kahlenberg

Vienna, Austria

Street Art

Way to early for pumpkins

The sign along Danube Bicycle way

Telc, Czech Republic

Mozart Statue in Burggarten Park in Vienna

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