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There must be many tourists disappointed when visiting the capital of Czech Republic this summer. The main reason for that is the famous medieval astronomical clock, which now is behind the ugly scaffolding. Apparently it will take another two months to complete the restoration of it.

So, here I am in a beautiful Prague, the fourteenth capital since I started this crazy adventure in late March. This is my second visit to this city, but the very first one on bike… I have to admit this was one of the tougher capitals to conquer in many, many weeks. Of course the stinking hot weather and the mountains contributed to my cycling misery… The Charles Bridge packed, the Lennon Wall crowded, the Old Town Square ‘boiling’ in the sun while amplifying the sounds of traditional Dixieland rhythm played by a local street band. The clock on the other hand?! Well, it hides its treasures from the annoying tourists and their smartphones.

Pilsner vs. Kozel? Do I really care? What difference does it make when the temperature reaches 35C? As long it is chilled and served in a glass I am a happy camper…or if you prefer the cyclist😎.

Before I headed back to the campsite I stopped at the ‘Švejk Restaurant’ for a pint of Pilsner. The walls of the restaurant are covered with many quotes from ‘The Good Soldier Švejk’ book by Jaroslav Hasek. The author makes a mockery of Austria-Hungarian Empire and thru the Švejk character has a huge impact on Czech society in the 20th century. And…yes, the beer was good.

At the John Lennon Wall

Magic 🙂

The Old Town Square in Prague

The Medieval Astronomical Clock behind the construction screens

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