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What better way to start a day than a good cup of coffee and the slice of ‘burek’? Mmm… sometimes I feel like Homer Simpson, but with my burning-off calory rate I am not worry about the possible gut growth.

So here I am, in my 22nd capital. I arrived to Podgoriča on a hot (32C in shade) early Sunday afternoon. After checking in at the Hostel Maria I went for a stroll to the centre of the city, only 800 metres away. My first impression was… hmm…where the heck is everyone? The city was deserted with few lost souls wondering around like myself. Most likely the heat I thought while heading back to my air conditioned hostel room.

After finishing my delicious breakfast I spent ‘looong’ hours touring the capital. A couple orthodox churches, which of one, the St. George Church, is over a thousand years old and it is located at the foot of Gorica hill. The church is the oldest in the city and, in my opinion, worth to spend at least 15-30 minutes to explore the beautiful paintings on the walls and few framed icons inside. You may even be able to exchange few words with a custodian who speaks few words in English. In fact, many Montenegrins speak English. Next, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ with not much historical value (completed in 2013), but impressive on its own. Quite lavish exterior and interior design. Then the Millennium Bridge, the Clock Tower, rebuilt by Turks, and unsuccessful search for the souvenir store. Yup, imagine that…! Since I collect the coat of arms lapel pins from each capital I visit it would be shame to leave without getting one… Let’s be optimistic then and for now I got myself 1.5 litre of the Jelen Pivo (I know, I know…it is a Serbian treat) instead.

Overall, the Montenegro capital is not one of the most exciting places to visit, but it is definitely the cleanest of all other Balkan capitals I visited so far. The main roads are good, but not as good as in Albania.

DID YOU KNOW, that even though Montenegro is not the European Union member their official currency is the Euro?! The currency, which suppose to be used by the EU members only. Figure this one out😎…

By the way, I accomplished my mission and got the coat of arms lapel pin😀

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The Millennium Bridge

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

The Clock Tower

Džamija Mosque in Podgorica

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