Goodbye Dubrovnik…

Goodbye Dubrovnik…
After eight nights in Dubrovnik it is time to get rollin’. It has been a great time to stay away from the saddle, but now is all about completing this journey. My two-wheel ‘truck’ is ready to go. The new brake pads (Hayes uncommon in Croatia), the new cassette with chain and the new chainring. These slight ‘adjustments’ should take me safely to Italy where I am planning to finish this lifetime adventure.  Tonight I’m boarding a ferry to Bari in Italy, so tomorrow morning I can continue my cycling adventure. There will be more posts to come, perhaps even Vlogs, but for now is all about moving forward. Ivan, thank you for your hospitality and for ‘revitalizing’ my bike. I still cannot believe that there is now bike service shop in Dubrovnik… Without your help the continuation of my journey wouldn’t be possible. By the way, I’ll miss the morning smoothies and definitely the home made bacon too…so good!
Back in 1878 Margaret Wolfe Hungerford included the phrase in her book ‘Molly Bawn’
“It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
This how Dubrovnik struck me after spending a week here. The historical importance, geographical landscape, the weather and the warm salty Adriatic to your convenience at any given time. But remember, the beauty comes with the price tag, so be aware of it.
The other day I went for a hike to the top of Srđ Mountain. It took me more or less 25 minutes to reach the spectacular view of the entire city. Here, at the ‘Panorama’ I decided to treat myself with a cup of coffee and the apple strudel. Okay, okay…the ice cream came with it😎… Mmm…so good. Coming down was much faster, but slippery. My Shimano sandals complete with the SPD clips were somewhat hard to use on a rocky trail. I managed down safely. I won’t lie, I was bit sweaty, so the only solution was to go for a late morning dip to Adriatic, salty but sooo refreshing. Next, a quick lunch and the ‘cold’ beverage.
Since, I explored the city from each angle on a dry land it would make sense to see Dubrovnik from the sea level as well. Yup, the kayak rental it is. Omg, was this ever a blast. I felt like a kid in the candy store. An incredible day! Warm (26-28C), clear sky and the breathtaking scenery. I highly recommend this alternative way of ‘exploring’ the city. Gee… this place is like paradise. Of course, don’t forget your credit card. The VISA Gold should do just fine…😎
DID YOU KNOW, that in 2017 Dubrovnik registered 17% increase in tourism, which equals to 1.2 million visitors overall. Of course, that is still far away from nearly 26 millions visiting Hong Kong every year.
The blockbusters movies like; Robin Hood, Game of Thrones (believe it or not the actual tours are available) or Star Wars – The Last Jedi have been shot in Dubrovnik… Apparently the James Bond franchise has been negotiating with the city too😎
BartenderShaken or stirred?
James Bond; [agitated] Do I look like I give a damn?

The Old Town of Dubrovnik

darn paparazzi

Trail to the top of Srđ Mountain.

The Walls of Dubrovnik

The finest Croatian Renaissance playwright and prose writer.

A traditional street vendor

The Pile Gate from 1537

Nearly 3 weeks ago we met in Elbasan, Albania. Two days ago we ran into each other again 🙂

Ready for breakfast…

“MAJSAN” armoured vehicle  constructed in 1991. It was used for heroic defence of the City of Dubrovnik during the homeland war.

‘Printing’ the money in Dubrovnik

The Autumn has arrived

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  1. Keith October 2, 2018 at 11:27 am - Reply

    Looking at your tour Du Brovnik brought back happy memories when Jan and tramped all around the top of the City Walls a few years ago in sweltering heat. At that time we actually spotted a cafe from the wall top that had sign saying “Jacek’s Cafe” I think I sent you the pic at the time. It is so hard now to imagine that there was a terrible war there when you look around and enjoy life and can get bike service at local Bike Service Shops. However that is the way it should be and long live peace, tranquility, friendship and love.

    I assume your chain ring and chain wore out as they do. Chains only usually go to about 4-5000km anyway due to grit and rain erosion. The test of a worn chain is to take it off and hold one end and the other at full distance apart. Then try twisting the chain and if it goes more than 180 degrees rotation it is recycle material LOL. With the chain ring you tend to see rounding wear at the bottom of the teeth. If you try pulling the chain in situ at the mid point around the ring it should not pull away any further than say 8mm, again if more then recycle it. And now I will read with excitement your Italian exploits. Keefer

    • Jacek Laszkiewicz October 5, 2018 at 1:30 am - Reply

      The Jacek’s cafe? Hmm, don’t remember getting that picture :-(… Yes, I was pretty lucky to find Ivan to help me thru his know-how and the supplier’s market knowledge. As I mentioned in my post there is no single bike repair shop in Dubrovnik. I managed 11 thousand kilometres on one chain. This unfortunately affected the middle (mostly used) chainring too 😉

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