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There is nothing more I can really add to the ‘Rome story.’ Instead, let me give you a quick refresher or a short ‘introductory.’ Anyway, if your adrenaline runs on a dose of history this is a MUST-SEE place. If your bucket list calls for the Italian pizza, what are you waiting for?! Book your flight. Are you a car lover and would like to explore Rome in style? Well, you can rent the latest model of  Lamborghini. Simply dial +44 203 4111 574 or visit one of the two rental locations in Rome; nearby Trevi Fountain and the Piazza della Repubblica. Many streets, in this around the clock city, are quite wide with no pedestrian crossings. It can be challenging to get to the other side, be vigilant of incoming traffic. Otherwise…hmm. The shopping? You don’t need the Via del Corso. The opportunity to spend a coin or two are everywhere in the city. Don’t pay for a bottle of water more than one euro or three for an umbrella on a rainy day. You can bargain the price on the street. In the stores? Don’t worry, nobody will rip you off. Every, behind the counter, clerk will give you a receipt. This is Rome, not Barcelona 😎… Learn few phrases in Italian, the language is phonetic and easy to grasp. If you’re however too lazy, well use your hands. Most Italians do anyway. Just be aware, not all the gestures are friendly here 👀. Be careful with taking the photographs of the military or police on duty. Not all of them will appreciate this. And the last, but not least if you’re on the fence with drinking a coffee? Hmm… Italy will help you with that. Otherwise, have a great Holiday in Rome!
Divertiti a Roma!

The Forum Romanum (Foro Romano)

The Arch of Constantine – built in 315 AD

Nothing better to heal your heels than a good blues

An Italian Aladdin?

The Colosseum (Anfiteatro Flavio )  – built in 70-80AD

The Capitoline Wolf (Lupa Capitolina) – the sources say (Roman mythology) it all started with a twin brothers, Romulus and Remus

The Sistine Chapel (Capella Sistina) – It is prohibited to take any photographs inside. Oh well…

St. Peter’s Basilica – an inside fragment of the Good and Evil door

Marphurius (Marforio)  – The Fountain of River God

The Pontifical Swiss Guard – must be unmarried Swiss Catholic male between 19-30 years of age.

The ‘Conversazioni’ statue of John Paul II at he Termini Station

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican

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